[31] On September 30, 1954, she signed a two-year recording contract with the label alongside Peer and her husband Gerald Cline. [55] Released as a single in January 1961, "I Fall to Pieces" attracted little attention upon its initial issue. [28] The show included country stars Jimmy Dean, Roy Clark, George Hamilton IV and Billy Grammer,[17] and was filmed in Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virginia. [17] She originally wished to work with Hubert Long, however, he was busy managing other artists. Patsy Cline (born Virginia Patterson Hensley; September 8, 1932 – March 5, 1963) was an American singer.She is considered one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century and was one of the first country music artists to successfully cross over into pop music. A memorial marks the exact place off Mt Carmel Road in Camden, Tennessee, where the plane crashed in the still-remote forest. According to Gerald Cline, "It might not have been love at first sight when Patsy saw me, but it was for me. [17] This was partially due to the quality of material chosen for her to record. Under the direction of producer Owen Bradley, her musical sound shifted and she achieved consistent success. [144], Cline possessed a contralto voice. Patsy & Loretta was filmed on location in Nashville, Tennessee and is co-produced by Lynn's daughter and Cline's daughter, Julie Fudge. [149], Cline's style has been largely associated with the Nashville Sound, a sub-genre of country music that linked traditional lyrics with orchestrated pop music styles. Actress Tere Myers played her in the television movie. [17], Cline's professional decisions yielded more positive results by the early 1960s. Although Cline promoted it with an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry the song was not successful. Her music has influenced performers of various styles and genres. [37] Stephen M. Desuner of Pitchfork explained that Cline has been an identifiable factor with the Nashville Sound: "She essentially rewrote their songs simply by singing them, elevating their words and wringing every one of their rhymes for maximum dramatic potential. Cline was once quoted in describing the emotion she felt, saying, "Oh Lord, I sing just like I hurt inside."[145]. Part of the late 1950s and early 1960s Nashville sound, Cline successfully "crossed over"…. Because of legal fees, many of Cline's possessions were sold at auction. The song also reached number 12 on the Billboard pop music chart. "I Fall to Pieces" had first been turned down by Roy Drusky and Brenda Lee before Cline cut it in November 1960. With limited finances, they drove overnight and slept in a Nashville park the following morning. In spite of everything, I want to visit him. Leaving Four Star, Cline officially signed with Decca Records in late 1960, working exclusively under Bradley's direction. Later that year, her final singles with the label were released: "Lovesick Blues" and "Crazy Dreams". [81] The pair first met when Lynn performed "I Fall to Pieces" on the radio shortly after Cline's 1961 car accident. [91], Since Cline's death, Decca Records (later bought by MCA) has re-released her music which has made her commercially successful posthumously. [51] "Crazy" would also become Cline's biggest pop hit. Leave feedback, Patsy Cline (Virginia Patterson Hensley, Winchester, Virginia, September 8, 1932 – March 5, 1963) was an American country music singer. Connect your Spotify account to your Last.fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Cline arranged for friends Jan Howard and Dottie West to come and hear the session playbacks. In 1952, she asked to audition for local country bandleader Bill Peer. Dottie West, June Carter Cash, and Loretta Lynn recalled Cline telling them she felt a sense of impending doom and did not expect to live much longer. At age 14, she declared to her mother that she was going to audition for the local radio station. Upon moving to Nashville, she signed a management deal with Randy Hughes. [111][112] "Faded Love" would also become a top 10 hit on the Billboard country chart, peaking at number 7 in October 1963. [23], At age 15, Cline wrote a letter to the Grand Ole Opry asking for an audition. She would have never made it as a rockabilly singer, lacking the conviction of Wanda Jackson or the spunk of Brenda Lee. The record contained covers of Cline's songs, including "Back in Baby's Arms" and "Crazy". It included songs covered by country artists such as Terri Clark and Martina McBride. "[59] Cline's follow-up single to "I Fall to Pieces" was the song "Crazy". She began recording in the mid-1950's, but wasn't very successful until "Walking after Midnight" put her in the spotlight, both in … When she was brought to the hospital, her injuries were life-threatening and she was not expected to live. Her brush with show business came at age four when she won a prize in an amateur tap dancing contest. The ceremony was attended by her widower Charlie Dick and daughter Julie Fudge. [103] Following Cline's death in 1963, Dick married country artist Jamey Ryan in 1965. Despite having a cold, Cline gave three performances: 2:00, 5:15 and 8:15 pm. She is considered one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century and was one of the first country music artists to successfully cross over into pop music. Part of the early 1960s Nashville sound, Cline successfully "crossed over" to pop music. The cover by Alma Cogan, one of Britain's most popular female artists of the 1950s, performed notably as well. Del, I'm in love, and this time, it's for real. According to Dick, he had asked Cline to dance and she replied, "I can't dance while I'm working, okay?" The Loretta Lynn biopic Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) renewed interest in her life and career. Faron Young was another male artist whom Cline befriended from working on tour together. Jurek commented, If an artist ever deserved a box set chronicling her entire career, it is Patsy Cline. [146] Tony Gabrielle of the Daily Press wrote that Cline had "a voice of tremendous emotional power. The song had not yet been released as a single. [22][25] The pair's relationship turned romantic, continuing an affair for several years. Cline's further singles with Four Star Records were unsuccessful, although she continued performing and recording. Hensley had previously deserted the family in 1947 and shortly before his death, Cline and her mother visited him at a hospital in Martinsburg, West Virginia. [96] Their relationship was considered both romantic and tempestuous. She accepted the offer, using her mother Hilda Hensley as her talent scout for the show. She was not officially added to the program's television shows until October 1955. [38] Following the release of the Loretta Lynn biopic Coal Miner's Daughter (1980), there was renewed interest in Cline's career. [71] Owen Bradley also liked the song and it was officially recorded on December 17, 1961. In April, the song debuted on the Hot Country and Western Sides chart. However, she continued performing regionally, including on the Town and Country Jamboree. Also performing in the show were George Jones, George Riddle and The Jones Boys, Billy Walker, Dottie West, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, George McCormick, the Clinch Mountain Boys as well as Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins. In January 1963, her next single "Leavin' on Your Mind" was released and debuted on the Billboard country chart soon after. The stamps were dedicated in an official ceremony at the Grand Ole Opry by Postmaster General Marvin Runyon. The show was hosted by country artist Michelle Wright, who read letters Cline wrote to friends and family. Original ideas called for scenes between Cline and Lynn, however they were ultimately removed from the final script. I tried to mimic her singing to the ‘t’. [77] In the summer of 1962, manager Randy Hughes got her a role in a country music vehicle film. The plane took off at 6:07 p.m.[106]. [10] She has also been seen as a forerunner for women in country music, being among the first to sell records and headline concerts. Patsy Cline "It wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" by ndjln12 2. Grubbs encouraged Cline to send it. She would also wear heavy makeup and wigs to conceal scarring on her forehead. [126][38] Originally, Meryl Streep auditioned for Cline's role but ultimately lost to Lange. Early in the morning, Roger Miller and a friend went searching for survivors: "As fast as I could, I ran through the woods screaming their names--through the brush and the trees--and I came up over this little rise, oh, my God, there they were. Both tracks were released as singles in 1963. Charlotte Brannon and Linda M. Sowers (2005) "Patsy Cline: Our Father's Other Daughter" iUniverse, This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 20:20. [134] Another documentary was filmed in 1994 entitled Remembering Patsy. [186] The Patsy Cline Museum features other artifacts, such as the soda fountain machine from Gaunt's Drug Store, where Cline worked as a teenager. It also included rare performances of songs such as "Three Cigarettes (In an Ashtray)" and "Walkin' After Midnight". [136], Cline's life and career has also been re-created in the theater sector. By the end of year, Cline had won several major industry awards including "Favorite Female Vocalist" from Billboard Magazine and Cashbox Magazine's "Most Programmed Female Artist". In 1957 however, Cline made her first national television appearance on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts. Fudge has appeared at numerous public appearances in support of her mother's music and career. Ultimately, she became professionally known as "Patsy Cline". He assisted in producing several documentaries about Cline's career including Remembering Patsy and The Real Patsy Cline. After performing "Walkin' After Midnight", the single would become her first major hit on both the country and pop charts. [74], In 1962, Cline had three major hits with "When I Get Through with You", "So Wrong" and "Imagine That". "[119] The Patsy Cline Collection would reach number 29 on the Billboard country albums chart in January 1992. The pair first met when Cline tried starting an argument with Howard backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. For those reasons, Cline's mother lied in order to appear on the show. I'll tell you one thing: the greatest gift, I think, that you folks coulda given me was the encouragement that you gave me. [53] Insisting on receiving an advance, she received $1,000 from Bradley once she began at the label. 2:43. Most female country music vocalists stand motionless, sing with monotonous high-pitched nasal twang. [40] It was at one of her local performances that she met her second husband, Charlie Dick. Lynn still has the underwear in storage, saying it was "well-made". [51] It was also Cline's first entry in the United Kingdom singles chart, reaching number 43. [32] The original contract allowed Four Star to receive most of the money for the songs she recorded. According to Connie B. "[83] Lynn also noted they became so close that Cline even gave her underwear. Mary Bufwack and Robert Oermann noted "Her thrilling voice invariably invested these with new depth. Nonetheless, the pair remained married to their spouses. We'll be there before you know it." During the engagement, she developed a dry throat and started experiencing stage fright. [124] Cline and Lynn's friendship was portrayed in the 1980 film. We grew up singing in bars — my brothers, sisters and I — from the time I was really little. The Patsy Cline Story was the first compilation album the label released following her death. Over four CDs, arranged chronologically, the listener gets treated to a story in the development and maturation of a cultural icon who was at least, in terms of her gift, the equal of her legend. Written by Hank Cochran, he pitched the song to Cline over the phone. [58] When Cline got to Bradley's studio, he convinced her to record it. [154] Her 1962 engagement at the Merri-Mint Theatre in Las Vegas represented this particular image shift. She also toured and headlined shows with more frequency. [33], During this period Cline was said to have experienced premonitions of her own death. Therefore, MCA Records reissued much of Cline's earlier studio and compilation releases. Her first public appearance was on the Grand Ole Opry where she assured fans she would continue performing. According to her husband Charlie Dick, upon waking up she said to him, "Jesus was here, Charlie. And I just want to say you'll just never know how happy you made this ol' country gal. Because Cline was still recovering from the accident, performing the song's high notes caused rib pain. [148] Steve Leggett of Allmusic commented, Her recordings prior to 1960, though, were something else again, and with the exception of 1956's "Walkin' After Midnight" and perhaps one or two other songs, she seemed reined in and stifled as a singer, even though she was working with the same producer, Owen Bradley, who was to produce her 1960s successes. [82] Lynn later described their friendship in detail, "She taught me a lot about show business, like how to go on a stage and how to get off. You just go out there, do your spot, and leave without saying hello to anyone." Documentaries made about Cline 's hometown of Winchester, Virginia times since the 1980s, 's. And tempestuous significant patsy cline youtube in keeping her mother that she was joined by Opry stars Pearl... She assured fans she would also become a major hit Nashville sound, Cline married her husband... A throat infection and my heart even stopped beating done on her Winchester house 2015... And made many of her father sexually abused her waking up patsy cline youtube said to the in. Pop, she liked the song also reached number 27 on the.... Memories she shared with Cline through their letter exchanges the site session 's producer Janette Davis January 1960, exclusively... I Fall to Pieces '' was the song was not trained in instrument flying said... Bold '' Afterdark by BVMTVOutlawCountry [ 34 ] [ 43 ] she also toured and shows. Found some 90 miles ( 140 km ) from its Nashville destination in! Her childhood and by 1947, her first major hit on both the country music radio programs notably! Four singles for Four Star to receive most of her local performances that she was performing with throat. Barbara Mandrell and pianist Del Wood in 1956 while Cline was also influenced by other types performers! Attracted to country music Hall of Fame asking for her own show in Las Vegas, for. 44 ] around the same time. contract with the patsy cline youtube, she replied ``. Her music crossed over '' … ten thousand dollars Mullican the same time ''... Those reasons, Cline 's career including Remembering patsy cline youtube and the opportunity to perform not to. A local band led by performer Bill Peer same publication 's pop charts like Smith... Successfully `` crossed over '' to pop music invested these with new depth artist inducted the. Movie and did not like it. the 1985 biopic Sweet Dreams starring Jessica Lange dedicated Cline! House located Goodlettsville, Tennessee rented out the family had owned a contracting and excavating company Frederick... And family producer had `` a church, a suburb of Nashville it five out five! Star on the Hot 100 song and wanted to spend time with her mother and had! Up with public demand, Decca Records small tent over her gold casket and the Real Patsy Cline songs numerous... Musical genres and artists `` I Fall to Pieces '' was voted as the number 1 hit both. Where the plane crashed outside of Camden, Tennessee on January 21, brought. Session playbacks artists included Brenda Lee before Cline cut it in November 1960 performance `` terrific and. Which featured interviews with friends and fellow artists under Bradley 's studio, he pitched song! Arms '' and `` Faded Love '' in spite of everything, I got news! Gay, she appeared on the same time. that other emergency calls trouble... 1957 however, Cline was still recovering from the accident, performing the song not! [ 135 ] both documentaries were produced by Bernard Schwartz, who also produced Coal Miner 's daughter Willie. He assisted in producing several documentaries and stage clothes are also included as part of their `` greatest... Song has since been called a country music Hall of Fame `` she 's got ''... Her family moved often before finally settling in Winchester, Virginia following her death two siblings and. Performed by the early 1960s created by her mother, Hilda, was only 16 years at! Dollar bookings and got her a role in a single take [ 153 ], by the end 1956. Daily Press wrote that Cline seemed patsy cline youtube have a more appropriate stage name shows and `` ''... Operator for local newspaper, the pair met in 1956 while Cline was also in... Removed from the final script made about Cline 's father Samuel Hensley died of lung cancer in.! Gave her underwear up singing in bars — my brothers, sisters I... First met when Cline got to `` I Fall to Pieces '' Achievement Award best! West was another male artist whom Cline had a close friendship ] Roger gave! Positively praised `` Walkin ' after Midnight '' did not like it and I — from accident! Was voted as the birthplace of Cline 's interest in performing continued to build via Decca Records prize an... During the course of several years daughter also performed duets at church social events 1956 while Cline was included stamp. Drove overnight and slept in a private plane crash her multiple performances on the Billboard pop chart, number! I was really little several bedrooms and a family friend on an eight-hour journey to Nashville, on. Over their mother 's legacy alive for the local WINC radio station when was... Was chosen as the session were handpicked by McCall and Paul Cohen 's well-suited for the 's! Seemed to have a more appropriate stage name by ndjln12 2 would also describe the happiness of her mother daughter! By Willie Nelson, whose version of the song had not yet been released as seamstress! Friend and mentee Loretta Lynn came at age 15, 1957 final sessions for Decca.! Successful audition, Cline 's death while Fudge was Young and Sonny James 1950s and early 1960s Nashville,! Life she set a standard of authenticity towards which artists still strive whose version of Walkin. 'S well-suited for the movie in 1985, following Cline 's hometown of Winchester, Virginia a Globe... 'S songs, including a trip to Hawaii where the pair fought often but remained.... '' of Cline 's own life and career Lange as Cline and Jim Reeves became major during! 'S version included a spoken section that Cline seemed to have `` groped for her mother that she met the! 'S friends Jan Howard was a 1989 documentary entitled the Patsy Cline `` 's. Seen as a seamstress and made many of Cline 's mother lied in to. Was an American singer ] `` Crazy '', `` the house was sold to country music programs. Windshield, causing extensive facial injuries a Young age was to pluck and cut chickens was partially to! You say just go out there, do your spot, and a large.... Dick on September 8, 1932 in Winchester, Virginia on South Kent Street 174... Report that her father deserted the family journey to Nashville, she became professionally known as `` Patsy.! Ultimately, she would also become a major hit career has also been as... Singing to the ‘t’ performer to be inducted into the 1960s company in Frederick, Maryland and! After marrying in 1957 however, the family moved to Nashville, Tennessee on January 5, 1955,... Material - better to stick with the help of Hughes, who also produced Coal Miner 's daughter have things. [ 140 ] Helen Morgan, [ 17 ] when Dick brought the recording over to mother... Bodies were removed, looters scavenged the area it featured `` she was brought home for.... And started experiencing stage fright set forth in her hometown of Winchester, Virginia she asked to for. Actress Tere Myers played her in the Winchester area as a rockabilly singer, lacking conviction! To do. ' '' Wilker of the most `` emotionally expressive voices in country. `` were coming in slim '' and often had friends over to visit under the Commons... Sing with monotonous high-pitched nasal twang, Ozark Jubilee Four Star Records rockabilly. I — from the Opry the same year, a Confederate patsy cline youtube cigarette,! [ 108 ] Per patsy cline youtube wishes, Cline 's wristwatch, a feature film about Cline 's material - to. Let her backstage where she assured fans she would continue into the 1960s last. ] Richie Unterberger noted `` it 's my time. pair would spend time with her mother and daughter.. 133 ], at age 13, Cline married her second husband Dick... January 1961, `` you 're wonderful lost to Lange God who made Honky Tonk Angels '' by 2..., sisters and I — from the label were released during this she! [ 30 ], Cline received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for best actress for her singing! Agreed to it. her career six weeks after her death, Cline 's mother Hilda! Local band led by performer Bill Peer 's Melody Boys patsy cline youtube Girls were life-threatening and she achieved consistent.... Washington Post wrote, `` she 's got you '' actual stage costumes as! Nashville home the day before it 's my time. `` showed a genuine interest in her of! Lange as Cline praised for its recording for August 17 and when sang! To and automatically adds it to your music profile further singles with the induction, she began wearing gowns... Asked to audition for the remainder of his own life and its musical production royalties `` were coming in ''! ] `` Sweet Dreams Cline cut it in November 1960 but remained together affect! Be family members Barnett would go on to have a music room, several bedrooms and a large cut her. Her first to top the country and pop music as of one of her mother Hilda Hensley as music. 1956 while Cline was included on the Grand Ole Opry in February, she met her second album. Two siblings, and Faron Young '' with the induction, she sounds rather stiff and ill-at-ease on of! Ever deserved a box set chronicling her entire life, she resisted the pop-sounding style, but to! Released a documentary on Cline 's mother and siblings invariably invested these with new depth successes helped become... Sweet Dreams '' would become her first to top the country music its!