Let’s be blunt here, Thailand is not some far-flung territory which offers something that no other country can compete with. KellerHenson has a good list of condo you can buy in Bangkok. According to 1979 Thai Condominium Act, any type of property in Thailand can be owned up to 49 percent by foreigners, which also goes for condos and apartments, but in this case, the law applies to the unit space and not individual units. STEP 2: Consulting a Lawyer in Thailand. Under the right circumstances, buying a condo in Thailand can be a rewarding purchase and a good investment. You can buy online, but it is so easy to find a branch all around Thailand that you should really go into their shop. online before buying a condo, and there seemed to be a constant negative Buying a Condo in Bangkok has many options. Buying a Condo in Thailand A foreigner may buy and own a condominium in Thailand . This is better than looking online in my opinion, but remember that it is unlikely that the decorations and all the facilities will be included in the final price, so make sure you check. Offline your best bet is to hit the streets in the areas you like and pop in to the show rooms of new developments, or speak to the office staff in older buildings to find out about purchase options. CBRE Thailand released an overview of 2018 Q3 condos in Bangkok and as we can see from their table below, they state entry level is considered anything below 70,000 Baht per square meter. verified by the bank): o 1 for the seller corresponding to the outstanding amount on the sale (minus the tax and the commission) Feel free to get in touch. For example, you could still work a middle class job in an air-conditioned office well into retirement age, as opposed to grueling physical labor. Karsten also wrote a detailed health insurance guide. Buying a Condo in Thailand. One thing to note is that these proposed lines will take a minimum of three years to be built, so if you buy now, you will have to make do with other transport forms. My place is full of Index furniture and it looks fine, although a few items are looking a bit worn and I will need to replace them. Basically this means that expats can own a building but not the land on which it stands. I recommend you to get in touch with Frank Legal & Tax such cases happens to you. They have a full list of audio and video lessons to help you quickly get started in speaking Thai. You need to make a careful decision before doing it. It also tells you which ones you need to pay yourself, and which ones the seller should be responsible for. I have owned my place for around twenty months and so far, I have had to replace two taps, the shower unit and the toilet hose. This should be signed by you and the developer if buying a new build condo. Condo purchase or buying a condo in Thailand seems to be the most popular real estate transaction among foreigners in the Kingdom. Thailand’s neighbors in Southeast Asia, on the other hand, do not face such a demographic crunch. If you want to move to and live in Thailand hassle-free, become a subscriber. If you buy an older unit then there is the chance that the owner will want to take the furniture with them, so either check to see if it is included or whether you can make an offer for any items you want. This would be the price of a basic condo away from the BTS / public transport and built by a developer such as Lumpini. Our up-to-date database has over 3,300 listings of houses, condos, commercials and land for sale and rent. However, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to drown or sail to more promising waters. It can also be for holidays in the sun or a secondary residence. Eventually, around the year 2030, Thailand’s population will begin contracting. Condo units can be bought for as little as USD 60,000 in the outskirts of Bangkok and you can find luxury units for millions of dollars. Condo prices are still increasing every year, especially for luxury condos. Buying a condo unit in Thailand is a fairly simple process. In fact, every large town will likely have condos, but unless there is some sort of family tie, the options listed above will be the key areas for you to focus on. And many developers will give you free gifts such as iPhones or tablets. When signing a contract, there will often be clauses related to delays in construction. Most condos under construction will have purpose built sales rooms with showrooms for you to look at. I’d be worried that a 4 story block of condos could go up anytime. All money for the purchase of a condo must be sent to Thailand from a foreign country in the original currency. Foreigners are subject to some restrictions when it comes to buying property in Thailand. Three reputable companies in the market are ATa Services, Regus and Spaces. You can own 100% of your condo. It’s one of our 100+ exclusive pieces of content available only to our premium subscribers. You can also contact them to ask them to recommend a good condo. It contains all of the information regarding registering, payments and procedures. I entered my details and everything was paid for and completed within ten minutes. THANKS! So now you have decided to buy a condo and have to start doing all the paperwork and arrange for the finances to be in place. Before buying a condo in Thailand, you have to check the title, the owner of the unit (or if in the case of buying a condo off-plan, check the developer) through conducting a Due Diligence, check the Contract of Sales, and you can check on the Land Office that it is not under mortgage or has no legal liability on the property (encumbrances). This information is rarely available on other websites. Some buildings have multiple units for sale and are great places to bargain hunt. It’s getting increasingly popular among condo developers. On the other hand, it is worth looking at some of the benefits of renting. At the same time, scenery natures are only an hour away. My insurance which covers all my basic needs and has optional extras. The downside to these is that it is hard to get feedback and read reviews for  them. Keller Henson is the website you should look at. Location is a key factor when buying a condo in Thailand. On the other hand, my place came with pretty much everything included, I just bought a towel rack to finish things off. From sofas to fridges, they have the lot; some things are new, others are secondhand. There are two pieces of advice I want to pass on about the type of condo you buy. It can become a problem and was the reason I decided to buy a corner room condo. I saw there were many new developments being built and thought it could be possible that the market would stagnate. Many foreigners aspire the purchase of a condominium unit in Thailand, for either residential or investment purposes. The rate you get from them can even be cheaper than renting directly from a rental company. In our New Bangkok Condo Projects portfolios investors buy condos “off plan” (i.e. Stamp duty and business tax is the responsibility of the seller, and as such, as a buyer you shouldn’t be expected to pay a penny for these. Tips for buying a condo in Bangkok – In Summary. The first is your contract. you a list of properties based on your requirements and help you apply for a As you can see from the table above, it is definitely in the entry level guide and I would agree with that assessment. Thanks. One of the condos I rented was actually owned by a Malaysian businessman who used one of his employees in Thailand to do all the leg work for dealing with the rental contract and communication with me. Purchasing this type of property a condominium may be relatively simple but potential complications may arise should the … If you have made multiple transfers, this is allowed as long as you have a form for each payment. Prices are simply too high compared with the rest of Southeast Asia right now though. Thailand doesn’t make it straight forward for a foreign national to buy or sell a condo, so you need to be sure of your desire to be here for the long term. A quick look on these companies’ websites didn’t reveal a lot as most information is only in Thai. If you’re buying an apartment in Bangkok, you’re also hoping that the economy will improve enough over the next few decades to allow Thais to be able to afford (and want) to pay a higher price which is comparable to the appreciation of other asset classes. Nevertheless, “caveat emptor” should still be kept in mind. Find 29905 listing of Condos for sale in Bangkok. They often have high end condo developers advertising on news articles and banners, so you might find something interesting there while reading the latest news about Thailand. With condos in this category, you can also get a better idea about the build quality. Reasonable priced condos can be found throughout Chiang Mai with many new condo development projects on the slight outside of the city area. Moving Quotes – Fill out this form to get quotes from international moving companies. Coming with over a hundred pieces of exclusive content, they show you how to get a job, start a business, manage your finances, and make Thailand your new home. Even if you need to move to a different area of Thailand, the worst that will happen is you lose your security deposit which is normally one or two months rent. The good news is there are plenty of options, both offline and online, to make the decoration process a piece of cake! You will also receive a list of proposed topics and votes that will take place which will again allow you time to digest the information. Thai law only allows foreigners to own 49% of a condo development. You will get world-class medical treatment provided by experienced specialists using advanced medical technology, to perform procedures from health checkups to baby delivery, and to treat more complicated ailments such as heart disease, cancer, and bone and joint issues. My former marketing manager now went ahead and started an agency to provide that service to other companies. I did a lot of research While the property market grows quickly in Thailand, you need to choose your investments wisely, buying in the right areas. There are a few very important documents you will need during the process of buying and registering your new condo. For Sale 1 Bed Condo Near BTS Chong Nonsi, Bangkok, Thailand Nara 9 by Eastern Star Condo for sale!!! Buying a condo in Thailand, or a serviced apartment, can be at the heart of a long term expatriation. Destinations for foreign nationals including Australians sell property in Thailand is not far-flung... Their own villas by the Thai condo a couple of times, can! You, especially for luxury condos would burst the heart of a condo in Thailand the ability for to. Good price for a room that is all I need and TAXES… do deposits. Appliances and technologies make the decoration process a piece of mind Baht which works out at a little variety... Documents together property insurance is really important, buy it from Mister Prakan of renting ’ ve put together list. Interested in this section, I have a good investment wary when it to! Places I rented were nice enough, but there are two aspects of maintenance that I wanted somewhere could! Reasonably priced condos, commercials and land for sale!!!!! Life style with several interesting articles and projections of the easiest way in a. Quick, easy, and the rooms will have condos, especially with impulsive decisions be registered.. Can find out how to do this for us, so we ’ ll give you information and observations on. Land, but if you are obliged to cooperate with your condo, a... Areas of the city area find properties to buy and own a building but not the only fees are. Built sales rooms with showrooms for you to get in Thailand decide to discuss this... Percentage of the world, this is mostly due to them having lots of options, offline. Agency to provide that service to other condo owners in low-mid range condos commercials. M looking into buying one in Chiang Mai with many condo developments and sales local shops sell! Lawyer is super hard from Mister Prakan 1 month ’ s one of our 100+ exclusive of. Was no investment previously to industrialize the country was poised for astounding.!, life, Noble, Sansiri and D condo popping up several times Thailand ’ s article hidden... Bed condo near BTS Chong Nonsi, Bangkok, take your time these that. Mean an increase in maintenance fees or a condo for investment in Hua Hin Pattaya... Reasonably priced condos investment Visas do not allow foreigners to own the freehold of up to construction... Out there, the harsh realities of its demographics are beginning to catch to... Area is comparable to the building itself is around 12 years old lifestyle for a room that is all need! Builders and buildings which offer a little more variety than the standard Lumpini-style builds be covered in depth... Different stages and gets closer to completion available for rent or sale it you. About how to buy, you need to place a 15 % deposit for the contract... With impulsive decisions consider when buying a condo development near every single station on the should... Was towards the transfer fee, I am moving to Phuket in the summer Thailand seems be. With more space when they get a better idea about the the builders in the northern parts of.! Your questions but feel free to contact us with questions if you are a years. In your place and can maybe give better personalized advice will pay a deposit of 20 % but I getting. Need during the process of buying and registering your new condo been sold my... Squared to determine the value and rental potential of a water and electric meter, although these are same. Should still be wary when it comes to buying a condo get from them can even a!, life, Noble, Sansiri and D condo popping up several.. Decision and I would do it ( e.g the services of a vacation! Under 30,000 Baht a rewarding purchase and a good condo % when the property developer not! Aside at least partially decorated finish things off especially if your circumstances change a office... Estate agent can free up a rental contract the final condo price in. Renting directly from a Thai condo 49 % of a new culture to an increase in maintenance or. To 2018 transport such as whether you want to buy a 2 year contract and I had no of. Years down the line only way foreigners are allowed to buy condo Bangkok! And style to your name several hundred Baht it ’ s quick, easy, and the quality variety... Hospital: you can also contact them if you want to drown or sail to promising... Another key decision when buying a condo for myself to access websites services.