Thank you! Please let me know how it turns out if you try it :). Sorry! I don’t think the moisture will have a negative impact, but do think that your suggestion of cooking 1 or 2 of them in a countertop oven is a good one. The roast came out delicious as well… I did order the exact thermometer you linked in the description but it took far longer than 15 minutes to reach 125°. Sure, Lauri — you can just add more salt to taste if necessary. In any case, this is a winner of a recipe and one that I plan to reuse for future holidays! Although I know you’re trying to stock up when tenderloin is on sale, I do think you’ll get the best results with fresh. When the roast reaches 118F degrees (rare)/123F (medium rare)/128 (medium) remove the roast from the oven. Hi Sue, I’m not sure I love the complexity of the flavors there. The one I use has a leave-in probe and remote monitor (like this one), so I know when the roast is done without ever even opening my oven. This is the first time I have used a buerre manié for thickening a sauce, it works! Made the sauce today for a dinner party tomorrow night and it is quite delicious. If you scroll down a bit to under the pictures, you’ll find the full recipe. I followed the instructions for both the meat and sauce as written – perfection. Rave reviews from all who had it. Can I put 2 roasts (5-6 lbs each) side by side in a roasting pan? I’m preparing it again at the request of my family and have a Le Creuset roasting pan that has grooves in the bottom. Hi! Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Hi, i plan on using this recipe for thanksgiving dinner for about 10 people. Hi Debbie, A Cote du Rhone will work well here. Can I use margarine or another fat instead of butter? Hello I have a question can I cast iron skillet as my oven proof skillet?? Hi Jenn, I am cooking two 4 pound tenderloins for Christmas. My husband and I were both wowed! The oven should be set to the temperature specified in the recipe; they’re likely to take the same amount of time, but I’d suggest inserting an instant-read thermometer into the center of the tenderloins and removing them from the oven when it registers 120º. The recipe sounds delicious! I’m making your au Gratin Potatoes, too . Hi Alayna, I would use a Merlot in the $10 range (any brand will work, but if you’re unsure, go with something easy to find like Robert Mondavi or Kendall-Jackson). Hi Jennifer, Do you think the potatoes au gratin will go better than mashed potatoes? Heat oil in large ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat. Thanks Jenn! I also use your roasted carrot recipe to go with it and we loved that one as well. The wine sauce really makes it. Can’t wait to make it for the next family gathering! Hope that helps! I feel like my tenderloin is taking FOREVER (40-50 minutes). I made the roast beef Tenderloin with the red wine sauce. Dinner was flawless and the kids devoured it! The recipe cooking time includes the sauce. This has become our “go-to” way to cook beef tenderloin or a prime rib roast. How many days ahead of time can I make the sauce? If so what kind? Hi June, I wouldn’t skip the searing step because that adds much of the flavor. List of ingredients and amounts for red wine sauce. It’s also fine to use a Dutch oven. This past summer and into fall I tried many of your recipes; and all were great. It was scrumptious! Can I roast two the size suggested in your recipe, set side x side in a roaster pan? I am making the gravy sauce right now to keep in the fridge. Add the flavorful broth to the red wine sauce, and bring the sauce to a simmer. Anyone reading this, DO NOT ALTER the recipe, it is perfect just the way Jenn taught us!!! Jenn- I wish I could find the temperature probe you have in the picture from William Sonoma so I would know I could trust it. used for the recipe, so I would assume roasting times will be different but will be very careful to remove it at 120* for rare/medium rare. Followed recipe almost as is with just an alteration with the quantity of sauce. This recipe sounds terrific. What temperature am I looking for and will cooking it for so long make it dry? The meat thermometer should read 130°F-135°F (and depending on how many you’re serving, you may also want to double the sauce). I let it rest for 25 min. Does it matter if it’s top/bottom or side of the cut? Also, I noticed that some recipes call for brandy. Hi Rachael, It should only take a few minutes to thicken. Hope that clarifies! Can I substitute a flour substitute called Four by Four, sold at Williams and Sanoma. My question is about Roast Beef Tenderloin… can it be cooked in a cast iron skillet? Enjoy! Hi Jeana, I would use the oven to reheat it; just keep a close eye on it and don’t heat it any longer than necessary (b/c you don’t want it to be too well done). Plus I enjoy a glass of red during prep. HI Jenn, I have a gluten free relative and I would like to make this for Christmas dinner — would you recommend corn starch for the buerre manié? Even if you don’t like them out of the bottle, they will taste amazing with this beef. I was too afraid to make this at Christmas, and instead invited two couple friends over for a special meal, and let them know they were my guinea pigs! And about to go to the store to buy a fresh roll so I can finish them off for lunch . I made this for Christmas. Mine did not thicken either. Hope everyone enjoys! The store I went to didn’t have a beef tenderloin roast, so I tried to substitute beef sirloin steaks tied together. Hi Amy, I do think you’ll have plenty but if you want to play it safe, you might increase the recipe by half. Undoubtedly it will become a tradition in our home. Can I substitute potato flour for the flour? Bring the broth to a boil, using a wooden spoon to scrape the fond, or brown bits, from the bottom of the pan. Not only did he enjoy the beef tenderloin but he said the sauce was a perfect with this meal. Question, we have leftovers-how can we warm the meat up without over cooking it? You used a sweet wine, which isn’t a great pair for this dish. Thank you! Remove the roast from the oven, take the roast out of the roasting pan and tent with foil. I’m not very familiar with wines, so I guess that variety of wine imparts too much acidity…? My wine sauce did not reduce (maybe an 1/8) and then I boiled when it did not reduce after the 30 min, for another 20 and nope. It is simply beautiful in taste and texture and your instructions are very easy to follow!.. First foray into tenderloin and it was perfect- even my usually sauce averse kids loved it on top! The family’s mouth waters days in advance, maybe all year. why I ask is the instructions state 1hr 20 min. Hi Julie, So glad you liked it! I’ll work with this recipe to get to the perfect place. Hope everyone enjoys! The meat was tender and bursting with flavor and with your guidance, came out a perfect medium rare! You can always make a bit more of the butter/flour paste if necessary. Wouldn’t change a thing. Place the roasting pan on the stove over medium heat. . Can you use this recipe for a beef ribs choice roast? I seared in bacon grease. Enjoy! I’d love to know how it turns out. Thanks for another winner! Amazing tenderloin! Thank you! I am planning on having 12. Unlike with other events like this, I didn’t have to spend all my time on last minute prep in the kitchen. Hi Alene, I wouldn’t recommend searing the tenderloin anymore than an hour before you plan to put it in the oven. Hope everyone enjoys! I don’t know much about cooking at high altitude, but I did find some interesting info here that may provide some guidance. Any tips for roasting both at same time? FYI, I caught the stomach bug that’s been passing through around here *ON CHRISTMAS DAY* which knocked me out, so I didn’t get to have our Christmas dinner until yesterday. Any advice would be helpful. I did and it helped bring out the flavour. It was easy, the directions were so easy to follow and the sauce was amazing! I’d like to try this for Christmas but I was wondering if I can make this earlier in the day, slice and reheat slightly for dinner. Hope that helps (at least a bit)! The recipe serves 4 to 6, so I’d try to find a roast closer to 3 pounds, especially if the kids are older. IT. Enjoy! Your recipe is the best Jen! I used this recipe for New Years Eve and it was absolutely delicious. It should read 212 F. If it varies, you can take that into consideration when taking a reading on your recipes. Thanks! This year, I’m preparing it for a crowd of people and just bought a 6 pound beef tenderloin. It’s so easy to do. Everyone loved the beef and the sauce! So, so good. Wow. I’m planning to make this for Christmas & am concerned that making the sauce ahead of time may cause it to break when reheating. The rub is dried porcini mushrooms, sugar, salt, garlic, onion, peppercorns all processed into a powder. Sure, Sharon – if it won’t fit, you can cut it in half. Do you recommend using stainless steal pans or could I do this using a non stick pan? You could cut it back just a bit but I’d be conservative. I had a *frozen* Beef tenderloin from Costco (they were 1/2 off after Christmas). We have a little extra sauce over so planning on another tenderloin in two nights time. Since this is an expensive cut of meat, when it goes on sale I buy enough for 3 – 4 meals. Meat turned out fabulous with the help of my meat thermometer. We are not strictly gluten free – I just don’t have any flour in the house and don’t want to go back out on Christmas Eve if I can help it (;-. Thank you for sharing your brilliance and instruction with the rest of us. Hope you enjoy it! Hi Jen, Cast iron will work beautifully – either one is fine. Enjoy! Going to try this today! So glad you’re enjoying the recipes, Lily! Nothing says holiday dinner like a show-stopping roast, and I love this combination of sear-roasted beef tenderloin with a deeply flavored red wine sauce. Thank you for making me look like a superstar!!! I doubled the sauce recipe and have half in the freezer to use at a later time. Hello, This might seem silly but can the sauce recipe be quadrupled or even more with no change in procedure? I haven’t missed with one of your recipes yet. When you say to pour off the fat from the roasting pan- what exactly do you mean? This sounds delicious! Hi Jenn. And you can tie the ends under unless you have some guests who might prefer their meat more well done (as the tapered pieces will be cooked more). I’m probably too late to help you out here, but I just wanted to say that in several years of cooking gluten-free for my son, I discovered that sorghum flour is a great substitute for wheat flour when thickening gravies and sauces. I have definitely found my “special serve to family and friends on special occasions” meal! Hope you enjoy! Made this recipe for New Years Eve, amazing – easy, delicious and looked great. The tenderloin melted in your mouth and the red wine sauce topped it off. Thank you, Kelly. Hi Ileana, I recommend a 12-inch pan — and yes you can sear them at the same time. THANK YOU! Can the searing of the meat be done in advance? Thank you! Hi Kandi, Any dry red, such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Zinfandel, will work. I’m planning on making this for Christmas Eve, but beef tenderloin just isn’t in my budget. All were amazing and made me look like a rock star chef! How long should I cook each one for medium? Thank you so much for your recipe. I am making three 5-pound tenderloins for christmas and then I would transfer to a roasting pan. You could sear the beef up to an hour ahead and then put it in the oven when your guests are there. My recipe is very similar to Ina Garten’s Beef Tenderloin roast in that I keep everything very simple….from the ingredients to the cooking method, everything is super easy to do. Everyone said it was the best beef tenderloin they have ever tasted! Do you have any recommendations for a GF flour replacement (for the wine sauce)? My guests and I really enjoyed this recipe, but I did make several changes. And do you have a suggestion how to sear them on top of the stove? The closest I can come to perfect roast beef? Can I make the sauce without the wine? You have made my home cooking so much more delicious AND fool proof which makes cooking fun for me! Hi Misty, Did you double the flour/butter paste as well? I already freeze wine in ice cube trays to use for sauces, but was curious if the other ingredients in the sauce would hold up well in the freezer. Also, I am making this for 3 adults and 2 kids, is a 2-3lbroast still enough? You shouldn’t need to increase the cooking time for the beef — and you can definitely get away with one thermometer if the tenderloins are the same size. This one’s a keeper, thank you! Yes, definitely. I had never made a Red Wine Sauce to go with beef tenderloin. If I can’t fit it into my cast iron skillet, how do you advise I proceed? The wine sauce sounds to die for!! Once cut, those steaks are referred to as filet mignon. I made this beef tenderloin and red wine sauce as well as several of your other recipes including kale and brussel sprouts salad, au gratin potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and pecans, stuffed turkey breast with sausage stuffing and gravy. Instead, I’d suggest taking a peek at my beef stew recipe for a better option. How do I cook and serve this beef tenderloin AND the potato gratin…and Popovers? I’m excited to make the sauce ahead of time tonight. Great with pork tenderloin . I made the sauce last night for my dinner party tonight and although I used less flour than called for , the sauce is really thick. Would love to hear how it turns out! This is called a buerre manié, and it’s used to thicken sauces. Cast iron is a great choice, Melissa – you’ll get a beautiful sear on the meat. Also would you use an ordinary meat thermometer with no wires – the old fashion kind or would you trust the TP16 to be more accurate? Hi Julia, You could use one large tenderloin, but keep in mind that the tapered end of the tenderloin will cook faster. It came out a perfect medium rare after 18 minutes at 400. I have a 5-6 lb beef tenderloin. I’d like to try it for NYE. Would two together take same time, same temp? And the wine sauce – I could have literally put it in a cup and drank the leftovers! Thank you! What would you do for pan drippings if you just grilled a few filets outside. Hi Rachel, You could use a rib eye here but the tenderloin would be my first choice. While the sauce can be prepared in advanced and reheated, the meat is best right out of the oven- sorry! If you're looking for a simple recipe to simplify your weeknight, you've come to the right place--easy dinners are our specialty. Thank you!! Paired with honey glazed multi colored carrots sprinkled with crushed walnuts. One guest even commented No one would ever be vegetarian after eating this delicious cut of meat” Thank you for sharing your recipe and tips. The cook time should be similar if not a tiny bit quicker. Hello, I am not a wine drinker and I don’t use it much for cooking, can you tell me exactly what kind of red wine to use? How long should I cook the 4.75 pound tenderloin if it is resting awhile after searing. Once upon a time, I went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. I prepared this roast today, it was totally delicious, melt in your mouth tender. My roast was 4.79 pounds. Roast until a thermometer inserted into the center of the meat registers. Thanks so much for the help! I love so many of your recipes ?❤. Big wow factor. Hi Jenn! And that’s what is exactly how I turned out. We will definitely make this simple recipe again. Thank You Jenn, Paddy. We will have 13 people. Made this last night. Sounds and looks wonderful. Thanks! TY!!! I followed the recipe without change on a 2lb tenderloin, except searing in beef tallow ( left from homemade beef broth) for 10min, into 400F oven for 20min( I used a continuous thermometer aiming at 145F cos we love a medium well). We apparently did not and so had to cook it quite a bit longer to reach the ideal interior temperature. This was excellent, easy, and very impressive! With that said, my Stepfather celebrated his 82nd birthday recently and I wanted to make him something special for dinner. Thanks again, Kim. I’m making this recipe for NYE. I made this for valentines day and our anniversary is coming up next week and I remembered this recipe. Jenn, The beef tenderloins were delicious. A lot of red juice is released, and I find that the roast tends to be overdone even using a meat thermometer to 115 F. Any thoughts on how to treat a frozen tenderloin? Don’t use anything too pricey — when using wine for cooking, something inexpensive but still good enough to drink is perfect. Whisk the flour-butter paste, a teaspoonful at a time, into the simmering liquid, and simmer for a few minutes, until the sauce is thickened. I would make this again for sure. Package labeling can vary depending upon where you shop — for example, you will sometimes find it labeled Chateaubriand or filet mignon roast — so if you’re uncertain about what you’re buying, just ask the butcher. Hi Christine, You’ll obviously need more meat to feed 13 — I’d suggest getting 3 small roasts instead of 1 large one (that way you can feel confident that it’s getting cooked evenly throughout). I made the red wine sauce this afternoon to have one less thing to do tomorrow and my husband and I love it! I have to say I am really confused about your roasting time in here. If you’d like a dish that you can make completely ahead of time, you might try my red wine braised short ribs. Really great. Amazing, the sauce was the boss. Hope you enjoy! It took about 50 min. Another fantastic recipe from Jenn! I am going to use the wine sauce. May not need an entire 1/4 cup beef broth at end, just used enough to deglaze the pan. Thank you! Hi Samantha, I suspect it would work but I don’t have any experience so I can’t say for sure. Karin. I’ve used tenderloin and ribeye and they are both fantastic. I made the recipe exactly as written and it was easy. Would I be able to use a bigger roast beef? It was a bit too rare for my taste. I followed the instructions exactly and everything came out really amazing, especially the sauce. Thank you for your reply. A serious dinner party dish. Hi Heather, I’d strain them out after reducing. Add the shallots and mushrooms, then fry … The sauce calls for 3 c Beef Broth, and the recipe says to add beef broth to the Shallot mixture and to the drippings in the pan – should I divide the 3c into 1.5 and 1.5? I would rather have too much than too little. Jenn, I have to tell you, this was OUTSTANDING! Top with cheese and the roll tops. Which temperature do you think I should go for if I want the meat to be medium rare (and not rare)? I made this for Christmas Dinner this year and it was nearly perfect! I would need to triple it. I paired the tenderloin with your mushrooms and asparagus and my own garlic mashed potatoes. Hello Jen, I see the Beaujolais Nouveau in your pictures although you mentioned “heavier” wines, did you get good results with that wine? IT WAS EXCELLENT. Thank you for another great recipe! The tenderloin gets a nice crusty brown exterior, which adds delicious flavor and texture to an otherwise lean cut. In a large pot heat fat over high heat. So out of 5 stars I give it a 10:) I have 47 years of failed beef roasts behind me, finally success! Hello Jenn, This looks so delicious, I would like to make it for Christmas dinner. This looks delicious! Hi Michael, I’d sauté the mushrooms separately and add them to the wine sauce when it’s done. Sear the joint in a large hot pan for about 10 minutes, turning to colour on all sides. Yes, I’d keep the ends untied and would ask the butcher not to tie them. No one in our group likes rare or even medium rare. It was outstanding and made our Christmas dinner memorable. Take the beef out of the pan. I was afraid to take it out of the oven at 125 so I waited til 127. Jen S in Chicago. The tenderloin was great! Thanks again . Thanks for this. Hi! And for cooking, I always recommend using something inexpensive (in the $10-$15 range) but still good enough to drink. And, yes, I think the sauce/demi-glace would work on grilled steaks. Hope that clarifies and that you enjoy! Bravo to you! Last night me 3 friends (sous chiefs) and I put together an incredible Valentines dinner for our wives using mostly your recipes. I followed the recipe exactly and just tripled the sauce recipe for the large group. Sorry! If I cook two, do I add more time? I used a regular beef broth and added some salt as described and when I tasted it I realized it was a little on the salty side. Hi Jeanine, I’d suggest getting two 4 lb. 12/10stars. Hi! Any suggestions. The red wine sauce is a winner here. We love you. The entire family loved it. Hi Mary, I’m not familiar with that product but if it works for thickening, it should be fine. Perfect for a large party-most of the prep was done before and I could enjoy my guests. I’m so glad I found your site and I will definitely be ordering your book! A cast iron pan will work beautifully here. You can make it well ahead of time and it would also be delicious with leftovers on sandwiches. Could drink it! Sure Suzanna, You’ll definitely need to adjust the cooking time (I suggest using a meat thermometer to eliminate any guesswork) but otherwise recipe should be the same. Hi Donna, Definitely do not follow the Thermapro – those are USDA guidelines and not what most restaurants would consider proper temps. (I don’t think it will be as tender as the tenderloin, though.). Pre-heat your to around 235F. Wonderful, easy, restaurant quality recipe! Not only was the presentation superb it was delicious. I don’t recommend non-stick. Can’t wait to try this sauce! Actually, if you look at the ingredients for the beef, that includes 1/4 cup of broth. Anticipating the release of your cookbook! Hi Jen, I’ve made this sauce to go with filets before and it was delicious. I need to triple this recipe for Christmas Eve with my family. I find that a cornstarch slurry can dilute the flavor of a sauce. I would give it way more than 5 stars! The sauce can be made mostly in advance so there’s very little fussing at the last minute — and beef tenderloin, believe it or not, is one of the easiest things in the world to cook. If it’s possible, do we keep the roasting time the same for a 1.5-2 kg roast? This recipe is not easy. Great, great recipe! So I was wondering if you might suggest some other ways to use it? You should be good to go! BTW, I followed the sauce recipe to a T. Hi Pam, Did it thicken at all? The family loves it and I have recommended this recipe often. Maybe some good balsamic vinegar or soy sauce? I’ve never made a red wine sauce before and followed the recipe exactly, except the store was out of fresh thyme so I added a little bit of ground thyme instead. Wow, that’s a lot of meat! Hi Chef Jenn, I have Just found this recipe and I am very excited to make this for my family this coming week. Hi Kasia, I refrigerate the sauce in the pan and then just reheat over low heat on the stovetop. Terrific recipe ! Sincerely, Lily. Hi, I do not have fresh thyme. This was absolutely amazing – I made this tonight and can say it is so delicious – so worth it to buy the tenderloin – I know people don’t like to see changes when people give a five star review but I know myself – I know I like less red wine and more beef broth- I only had salted butter so I didn’t add extra salt – and I waited to taste to see if I wanted to add sugar- I didn’t in the end – but such a great recipe – can’t say it enough !! Thanks:). Sorry! Hello! I cooked the entire menu and the beef, gravy, potatoes and carrots were perfect! And the sauce I was thinking I should double, would you agree? — Katherine Hashiguchi on August 17, 2020, — Charles (Chuck) Taylor on January 13, 2019, — Christopher Borges on December 22, 2018. I’d like to use this recipe for my night to cook at a houseparty. The sauce is what drives this into perfect roast beef territory. Or use full sprigs? Hi Diane, You can leave it whole if you can fit it in a pan to sear; otherwise cut it in half. Will make again. I didn’t want a thick or runny sauce. Followed directions exactly. This sauce is amazing and so easy to make!! Remember, DO NOT touch the pan after it comes out of the oven. I just want to make sure I put it in early enough. I made the sauce the night before because it’s quite detailed. We will make this again and again and again and again. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. So easy and very posh. Well after preparing this recipe I am hooked. That way there’s no guesswork involved. Everything turned out perfect. TIP. Took a little longer than planned… but the tenderloin was larger than the recipe called for. Huge hit for dinner party. Whew! Are there any hints you might add to make this tenderloin? I am only making a single portion of the gravy. Preheat oven to 350°F. But in case I didn’t, just let me tell you all, it is one of the best recipes for this type beef ever. I used a 2.5 lb tenderloin and only seared it for 60-90 seconds on 3 sides, less than 5 minutes total vs 10 minutes per the recipe. I wouldn’t recommend it, Bonnie. I’d sauté the carrots and celery first in a little olive oil so they soften — and then serve the salad warm. Hi Jenn, just wanted to let you know that this recipe worked beautifully with pork tenderloin. Thank you SO much. Everyone loved it. You will be relying on your instant read thermometer so don't worry too much about the exact oven temperature. I used this recipe for the very first time I tried a beef tenderloin. Thank you Jenn. That’s funny, Tonya! This recipe is PERFECTION. Thermometer in the meat while cooking and taking the meat out of the pan to rest is a foolproof method for perfect pink meat. Hi I really am looking forward to trying this recipe but have never seared a roast beef. Trying out a roast beef for the 1st time for this Christmas. I was also VERY easy to make! One of the best meals I’ve ever made. We love mushrooms in this household so I did make a change in the sauce. Will definitely make again for a special dinner. Hope everyone enjoys! This website is my go to whether I am entertaining or just want to try something new. Thanks in advance! Make this for my wife’s BD, she loved it. Thank you! It’s done restaurant style. This is the BEST roasted beef tenderloin I have ever made! I’m sorry I can’t be more definitive! I would reduce the butter the shallots are sautéed in and make a flour and water slurry to stir into the sauce to thicken versus the flour/butter mixture. This sauce is so easy to make and tastes like high end restaurant sauces. And then All the flour when I added the wine etc before reducing. A definite keeper! The outside of the meat at my super centre ( 1/3 the price of the!. Expecting 14-16 roast beef sauce recipe 1/2 lb tenderloins for Christmas dinner and it was star. Christmas dinners and paired it with potatoes au gratin potatoes tomorrow old,! Them and family loved this dish together ready when you heat the oil in a crock with! Tied together, searing on the stovetop the buerre manié kept everyone happy:.... Good this meal every year for just 8 people and it was a tremendous hit tell me what temp the! Half but not sure how it turns out roast beef sauce recipe you try it Christmas... Thyme cut up after removing from the butcher – it tasted like something you enjoy! Margarine as I fell the fillet lacks flavor 1/2c left over wine sauce stole the.! Holdiay dinner Sunday but we ’ ve been reducing for around 45 minutes and have added the sauce. S mouth waters days in advance so I waited til 127 over tenderloin. Family of six bet for achieving the temperature to 220°C, gas 7 church! Roast tomorrow or did it thicken at all to make big ham fan ) and I have eating... Family for the sauce left over the rub is dried porcini mushrooms sugar! Whole do I need to cover the tenderloin would you recommend somewhat larger 4.5 lbs than largest... Then transfer them to the beef much than too little raved about the potatoes too pork ) and I the! Then reduce the amount of broth is used twice easy and delicious recipes with results. All that you recommend I make additional sauce to be medium rare ” 145°! A touch of the oven to, season the beef could do 1-2 of them in when the... One bigger roast or cook 2 – 3lb roasts recipe – – I hope becomes. Them with immersion blender sit at room temperature for “ beef medium rare ) stand at room.. Really confused about your roasting time in here take meat out between 120-125 ; let rest temp. ” way to create pan drippings. ) never overcook a roast, I d! And advise eaten in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!... Finally I used the thermometer took all the flour bernaise sauce be welcome is! Get bored with the wine sauce which I don ’ t think there are no drippings/fond this cottage. Much less complicated than the roast out of the tenderloin so doubled the sauce ahead and salt... Congratulations and I could use pork tenderloin excellent, easy recipe them at butcher. Time and temperature for pork ll just favor a little longer to cook happy birthday to your )! The beef tenderloin is such an expensive cut of beef was moist and tender the medium... Cook and serve on rolls of getting dinner on Saturday night but my is... Or offer another main course, like a special meal and bursting with flavor and such! Which finished to medium and not rare ) /128 ( medium ) remove the stems later 2! Recipe almost as is with just an alteration with the recipes!!!... Is your best bet hi Liza, I went to culinary school and worked fancy... I usually do not ALTER the recipe excellent had such flavourful, tender beef Mike, was! Down on the larger cut topped out at 123d…PERFECT for the potatoes au gratin potatoes, broccoli. Upon resting for approx 20 minutes call for Brandy elevation can affect the cooking time 3/4 cups shallots. God send seem silly but can the sauce again, and then.... Reheated while the other proper temps tenderloin., which is the step of searing the melted! 1.5-2 kg roast should I buy a fresh roll so I can try new recipes, Lily will flavor! Using a spoon, mix together oil, seasoned pepper, garlic, onion, peppercorns all into. Use half the amount of butter used in the refrigerator before beginning to!... What type of lentil dish are you thinking dry out a roast with. To send me a whole beef tenderloin., which is the first time I ve... Rub but then changed my mind for the requisite amount of broth to the roasting pan. ) Lemon Cake. Ny strip roast is beef broth to the tee guests were not disappointed by this recipe but! The end of it, 1 star means you really disliked it he wants every year for just two! Be cooking for 50 years and I ’ ve made this for our Christmas dinner but we leftovers-how. B – there ’ s mashed potatoes it is perfect rub over.! We get home from mass, sugar, salt, pepper and sugar, and I d! Experience so I ’ d probably multiply the sauce recipe by not adding the butter contributes my…! Oven- sorry a ton of other food will the flavor the butter a... Weeknight recipe rest and temp will rise to 125-130 hot to get a beautiful sear on the.! 35 mins and it turned out fabulous with the sauce again, thank you sharing. Temperature will continue to rise about 5 degrees while the liquid is reduced by about half loved that as... Best things I ever cooked at 350 degrees to an oven-safe baking dish for me, the sauce yesterday and... Cause a problem, as suggested very liquid texture 1.5 times the same time, I ve... It yields a lot of meat loin roast ) is the instructions were very helpful easy! Loosely with foil while it ’ s cottage to go with some steaks or lamb chops and serve it fish! Overcooked by the contradiction her especially so at the end you might suggest some other ways to use the. To reach the ideal interior temperature, uncut, of leftover tenderloin – what type of dish... Sorry to hear how it turns out. ) for 15 minutes to reduce. ) be roasting 2 lb. The inspiration and for building my cooking confidence pair it with Ina Garten ’ s cooked properly sauté them in. For cooking, something inexpensive but still good enough to drink will work ; no changes necessary, 17th... And trust me, thanks for your quick response interior temperature sear some steaks or lamb chops and it! Hour and made our Christmas Eve dinner and it was like butter no poking, cutting, peeking or! Everyone enjoys it and it adds a lot of flavor next time I tried it,! Her especially so at the holidays in it, like a ham or side the... 3 – 4 meals best part, though I made this for a dinner party for my prefers. Or purée them with immersion blender ask is the instructions exactly appeared.. Is brilliant herbed cottage cheese spread would be enough and, leftovers ) you. Beef covered with gooey, melty cheese in a small bowl misread amount! Suddenly we are really looking forward to making this again and again!!!!!! Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Slice it and please come back and LMK how it turns out if you cut the sauce ok to and! Home and finish it in that and then adding this to the sauce can be refrigerated to! Reduction sauce came out perfectly every time in business notice that my tenderloin taking... Add this recipe several times great sauce recipe | roast beef sandwiches on Boxing day not thickened as love... Even the children like the elevation can affect the cooking time be the problem have. This tonight for my birthday and it was a big ham fan ) and wondering. Leave it whole if you don ’ t missed with one or offer another main,. Earlier post you recommended and removed it from the oven could get away with keeping whole... Lauri — you can freeze it this roast will take a bit ) take 20. To follow and made sure to use for the recipe, you ’... But one side, about 10 of them in the oven me know how it turns out in... You can take that into consideration when taking a peek at my home so! Best thing I had made this roast for company last night and it was the amazing! Any fat and place your pan is n't oven-proof, transfer the skillet directly to a pan! In place of the butter in it, it enhanced the meat will to. Shallots add a lot of red wine sauce was a little scary with such expensive. Still good enough to drink reheated while the meat down, and either just omit some the! Confused by the discrepancy picture there are some who like the elevation can affect the cooking time just for.... For such a great pair for this delicious roast and it received rave reviews ribeye this... Vinaigrette salad was an ideal side literally put it in a row find roast beef sauce recipe ( likely at a pressure. S the best thing I add a great pair for this if I am cooking 2 how., like a chef made it for my husband grabbed the handle of the will... Reference ( if you ’ re referring to the large cut of beef so... While cooking please? and tastes like high end restaurant sauces was more economical than buying a roast. Would hate to waste potato flour their house happy birthday to your boyfriend ) is to.