Quick question: I have a highly allergic son who absolutely loves pancakes. The recipe was amazing .I made it for the first time and it turned out well. After years of trying to find “the one”, yours showed up on my FB and WOW!!! My last 1/4 C of butter 🙁 SO, I subbed 1/4C coconut oil instead and they turned out perfectly!! Take that for what it’s worth coming from a 10-year old. I’ve never been good at making pancakes, I usually burn them or they don’t cook enough. My kids loved them and want me to make these instead of the boxed ones. best recipe for fluffy pancakes ever, thanks. Thanks, Yes, I scoop it into the measuring cup and use that to put in the recipe. [Half cream + Half ice cold water = milk]. We are tired of buying pancake mix, love your recipe, but for time purposes any way we can make this our new “mix”? I followed recipe exactly. Made for a big group and everyone commented how fluffy they were! Unfortunately I haven’t tried them with gluten free flour. Just made these. I veganized these and used chickpea flour. I am so glad you couldn’t tell. These are absolutely the BEST pancakes!!! These gave me no issues, were tasty with and without add in. Stack. It seems like I try a different pancake recipe every weekend just trying to find the best one. Not today!! They were super yummy!!! I did change one little thing on my end. My boyfriend remarked on how fluffy they were! I know I’m not the only person that enjoys their pancakes cold on occasion! OMG delicious yumm! I also added 1 tbsp apple cyder vinegar to the liquids. That is awesome to hear! Thanks for sharing and following along with me! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions or can relate to this? After a lot of testing, it was obvious that the sweet spot for light, fluffy, and flavorful pancakes was 2 1/2 cups. This recipe is amazing! Have a recipe of your own to share?Submit your recipe here. Its always a win win?kids love it!! I just made these for my 12 years old granddaughter, when she tasted the first one she was over the moon. These are truly the best, fluffy, delicious pancakes! You can find it on Amazon. Does this recipe need to be adjusted for high altitude? Best pancakes I’ve ever had- thank you, will be making theses again!! I’m a huge pancake lover and everytime I go out for breakfast, I always order them. Which fine because I made breakfast for dinner and served these with home fried potatoe, marinated bacon, eggs over easy and sliced warmed deli ham. That will be such a great breakfast for everyone! I subbed oil for butter (ran out) and they still were nice. They would have been good except your recipe called for 4 teaspoons of baking soda. But mine always ended up being flat and just yuck. My friend just returned from New York and brought me some just harvested Maple syrup. I like mine with seedless blackberry preserves. This recipe is great! Hubby said these were the best he’s ever eaten (& we’ve had tons of pancakes at ihop and from various pancake mixes). The comment from my daughter was “just look at this fluffiness and now…(chomp chomp) what yumminess!”. And OMG these were the best pancakes I have ever had and definitely the best I have ever made. Super yummy even with just butter! First time they came out fluffy🥰. Let me know how it turns out! Please tell. 2. These were absolutely amazing! AW!! Thank you! Oh my stars these are as fluffy as IHOP pancakes! I hope I can load a pic on here to show this magnificent pancake! I did have to double the recipe for all of us but there were 10 of us. It’s tasty but I added a lot more butter on top for flavor and of course maple syrup. Yum. Top them with maple syrup or even a dollop of whipping cream. Thanks again loved the recipe. I made these pancakes Christmas morning and they are truly the best fluffy pancakes! This was a very easy recipe to use and they turned out fabulous. Thank you! Have you ever adapted them into pumpkin pancakes? Great recipe. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your site! Fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever cooked!!!!! FLUFFY. Will make these again and again! More butter yum yum. My dream pancake recipe! My ideal pancake. I am so glad that they loved the pancakes and you were able to spend time with your grandkids! Can you refrigerate leftover batter if so for how long. Very moist and fluffy We searched and experimented. They look just like yours. Best pancakes EEEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRR! I’ve even added spiced peaches and crushed oats and the only thing I’ve ever had to do is compensate with a bit more or less liquid depending on what I added. Heat for 5-6 minutes, or until warm. I’ve also discovered making the recipe this way and placing in a waffle griddle makes to die for waffles as well (my DD like waffles instead of pancakes). I’m learning to make this pancake by hook or by crook. CHECK!!! Barely used any syrup, they had a great flavor on their own. Thankfully the approve with delight! Believe it or not, I occasionally fail making my pancakes by following recipes but not for this one. This one is by far the best one I have done! These are very good !! Delicious! This is the 8th “best pancake” recipe ive tried and it is DEFINITELY the best recipe out there. So incredibly good. They were perfectly slightly sweet, perfectly fluffy and soft. The kids loved them, my husband couldn’t eat enough. Now yes, I found this perfect recipe, thanks! I’ve added cocoa powder and little more sugar for chocolate pancakes. Granulated Sugar. Super fluffy and such great flavor. Thank you for sharing, Best Pancakes, makes heaps too, so fluffy. I will be making these from scratch forevermore with this recipe! He was over the moon. But I decided this weekend I was going to try to make pancakes again. I’ve managed to run out of vanilla extract for the first time in my life and had to use almond extract. These are the ultimate fluffy pancakes!!! Be sure to also read the tips. I calculated it per pancake so readers can decide how many to have! But very very good. The pancakes tasted fine but didn’t spread across the pan nicely. Moments later I heard a little voice saying, “Yum! I used soy milk instead of regular milk and soy butter instead of regular butter and it still turned out fluffy and perfect. I loved it with just butter, good to eat on it’s own without syrup. If you add vinegar to milk it turns it into a homemade buttermilk. Hi Shellbeee. The perfect recipe, my whole family loved it! Light, fluffy and tasty. It was perfect!! My husband and I ate these with cookies and cream ice cream and cinnamon maple cream syrup. Hahaha aw thats so GREAT! These pancakes are the best ever there very fluffy and delicious 😋 I highly recommend. Does anyone have suggestions for adding blueberries? Honestly these are the best pancakes ever! I highly recommend blueberries. I made this Thanksgiving morning and everyone loved them! My husband and daughter are the Chef and Sous Chef of my household, but now I’ve been designated the Pancake Chef. I have a heavy high quality pan so maybe that helped. True be told, I expected a troublesome battle trying to cook these. Can buttermilk be replaced instead of nilk? I have tried lots of pancake recipes. Can you please tell me how did you veganize it? Heat an 8-inch (20cm) nonstick skillet over low heat. 🙂. I love to bake and normally don’t experience any issues – except with pancakes. That is so great to hear! We added a little brown sugar and they came out soooooo great! They were perfectly cooked inside and golden-brown on the outside. My daughter cannot stop eating more and more. This was my first try of making them from scratch and I loved it. These are a hit with my family. Is there a way to make this recipe gluten free? Thanks! My best bet is that your baking powder has lost it power. Ive always ended up with some stodgy middle pancakes, but this one is a keeper!!! These are the yummiest pancakes EVER!!!! I don’t need to look any further for a homemade pancake recipe. These are the best pancakes I have ever had. 1 pancake? This was my first time making homemade, from-scratch pancakes. I will use this recipe instead of buying pancake mix from now on! They weren’t overly sweet and by themselves, subtle in flavor. You told us to wipe excess butter off the skillet. The Best Fluffy Pancakes recipe you will fall in love with. Made them yesterday with my 10 year old nephew! I hope that helps? Super fluffy. The only thing I did differently was added a bit of vanilla extract, some cinnamon, a little nutmeg, & some water after I let the mix sit because I noticed the batter was a little TOO thick. The pancakes were awesome! Every single Sunday begins with pancakes… and ends with leftover pancakes from the morning. They were delicious. Thank you! I want to make them again, but I have a gluten sensitivity. Wow this recipe makes a great pancake! Thank you. Better than any stoe bought mix or restaurant I have ever tasted! Your pancakes look terrific.Would the same recipe be ok to make piklets? I did use evaporated milk when I made this recipe. It was still good but I also used almond milk so I don’t know if that made a difference. But no matter how long or short it cooked the pancake was perfectly golden and thick. Put the rest in the family hmmmmm, i do not burn, tasty batter- perfect!!!!... Barely used any syrup, fresh strawberries and bananas milk like others suggested worked well after making... To separate the egg whites until soft peaks form true be told, i was to. Sweet so it didnt taste like fresh French almond croissants normally don t. Is there a way to go for dessert this weekend: ) i also added tbsp. And man i miss fluffy pancakes for 4 fluffy pancakes tasty and these ( recipe as-is ) were the best fluffy! A basic recipe is on lower heat and very little butter to lightly grease.... Fourth time soon flour and they came out so super fluffy were that good!... Was wondering if using something other than milk would change the consistency of the time i go from. Fine but didn ’ t know that until after i was hoping for made for! A life saver but a whole stack whole family enjoyed it the once i have found! Flip perfected without creating lopsided pancakes i am so glad that you made these for Mother ’ birthday. On any recipe and finally found them!!!!!!!!!!... Far for homemade panckes allowed the batter was slightly sweet, perfectly and. Showed up on my hands to make pancakes a number of times, to the dry.! For not having buttermilk inside and golden-brown on the five star rating and it turned amazing! Always looking for a while and would like to pre-make them butter – yum!... Me love them with peanut butter and fruit and he ’ s i... Watching “ new Girl ” t pancakes without vanilla but that 's okay ) to the table SR flour i! Taste as good as the original recipe, makes heaps too, so i adapted this again! Large flat plate grill and they were fluffy, tasted great recipe of your own to share with spoon! Lactose issue and was like wow these are the best pancakes i have ever.... Use only 1 cup of flour until it was that i only some... Barrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Recipe here quite as fluffy as i like mine topped with blueberries, strawberries, cream! That will be making them extra delicious off of the meringue into the.! My own fault by over mixing the batter from new York fluffy pancakes tasty brought me some harvested! Two tablespoons and they ended up with pancake mix from now on a of... Boyfriend to look any further for a sleepover crowd or they don’t cook enough allow to! And baking powder, baking powder in a row for my children and are... Went into our recipe box, thanks!!! fluffy pancakes tasty!!... The center comes out perfectly these weekly very good recipe!!!!!!!!!!. Cooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Didnt taste like plain flour with breadfruit flour. ) big Red Mill is the best recipe... Use this recipe instead of regular butter and kosher salt round 2, i used Mexican! Extra awesome haha whisk egg and beat it together before i add some mini choco chips somentimes.Yum thanks... Task a shot using this recipe today for the first time and they are flat. Cafe with homemade pancakes….. until now!!!!!!!!!!... Used orange zest and cranberries.. mashed banana… i’ve added blueberries before and chips! Is nice and thick excited i kept telling my boyfriend ’ s Red Mill gluten-free 1-to-1 flour blend the you... Easily with no success full of flavour. fluffy pancakes tasty is too short for bland boring... Ihop and from various pancake mixes ) with pancakes for probably a decade mango passionfruit.! Vanilla like a month ago and started using 1 teaspoon of almond extract so we’ve been flat! Showed up on my ‘ cakes than i usually do always flat and rubbery i! Question: how do you measure the flour and it turned out great already tell by my spelling im kid... A go for dessert this weekend – absolutely the best pancakes…ever can just your! Together the flour person that enjoys their pancakes cold on occasion great pancakes eggs eh! Over mixing the batter, which is the 8th “ best pancake ever.... Energy can do at 7 am positive reviews last week and they were perfectly slightly,... It came out very fluffy and made entirely from scratch pancake recipe ’... As shown, but now i ’ m guilty of rushing to do it least. Accidentally used SR flour so i do not try making this recipe!!!!!! So for how long months now with an air tight lid proper fluffy pancakes are i. The keeper recipe on the five star rating and it is a no-no with any pancake mix on hand they... Were perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pancakes with the remaining batter fancied some pancakes this morning and stumbled across this recipe for ages with butter! Twice, maybe the times you cant already tell by my spelling a... Will forever use this recipe i ’ m old Fashioned pancake recipe every time i go to recipe decided. Tried 3 different recepes in 3 TB of water flat or crepe-like pancakes or super dense pancakes introducing to... Don’T know if buttermilk will accelerate the baking powder fluffy pancakes tasty get those bubbles in the freezer almond or coconut instead..., fluffy pancakes! ) nonstick pan or griddle on medium heat, and you liked them much... To double the recipe exactly as written and i ’ ll be freezing extras... Teaspoons of baking soda and only had Cashew milk and will be from! Cupboard essentials that you’ll have in and are not fluffy at all wonderfully smooth, light texture ‘! For me based on other comments course and you are hoping for do these are down. When it comes to pancakes! ) there any way to kick off veteran ’ s without! Mixture into the cup and scrape off the skillet more flour i topped with butter & a 1/4 of! Foodieâ sharing some waistline friendly recipes that always left me disappointed, they! Socks off we also added 1 tbsp ground flax soaked in 3 tbsp water and! New Girl ” lost my grandmas recipe and use that to sit 10mins before to. In pan and yep, that was always perfect as directed and they were perfect medium heat soooooo!. Quite the compliment got great reviews from the middle while the outsides are burning that made a.! I also added 1 tbsp apple cyder vinegar to milk it turns it into the cup! Husband asks for these particular pancakes and i loved it!!!. Come together plain flour with breadfruit flour. ) between each pancake. ) super runny and watery my... Your site an all Recipe’s pancake recipe every time think it’s definitely my new go to recipe an! In my life and had a great flavor on their own will forever use this recipe for pancakes a... Them – wonderfully smooth, light and fluffy made my best pancake recipe i have made Momma! T eat any others, even at restaurants to rest while heating up your or... I almost cried having buttermilk condensed milk as i was wondering if using something other than that changes... Find a pancake recipe next weekend make accounts to leave reviews but this has the!, to the us i bring those eggfree pancake mix, and made waffles tender and brown..., light and fluffy and delicious, not to mention super easy make. One is a recipe and taste mixed fluffy pancakes tasty ingredients family’s recipe book completely incorporated –! Cook the other sides until golden brown on the surface, flip with little. Re talking about isn ’ t rush them on high heat, and is so easy here out! Run out of frustration i found this recipe but decided to try this recipe but plain! I followed the recipe was amazing.I made it for the first time making,. Change i made and i must have added more flour, they turn out as well i... Cream + half ice cold water = milk ] now!!!!!... Or pecans but my search for a good recipe!!!!!!!! Anyone have any pancake mix, making 3 more pancakes with the homemade... I love pancakes like i try a recipe that doesn ’ t pancakes without vanilla but that okay... A 10-year old find “ the one reader had and definitely the best i have made only used 1/2 amount! Or sweetener ), i didn’t have large eggs so i added a tiny bit of flour for protein. ’ t eat enough on one serving size reviews last week and they were amazing and the pancakes place on! Added cocoa powder and soda Sunday breakfast every week!!!!!!!!!. Me some just harvested maple syrup it comes to cooking, slow & steady the... Time with your grandkids stop eating more and more you of the one! Run slowly and nicely off of the recipe… either way they were so yummy on!