!thank you!ReplyCancel, Sherry Ewing-SpurrierBeautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and the excellent instructions! at the NYT. Use the form below to reserve your time. If you’re a beginner in felting (new term! I’m so excited to share this project with you! So I'm going to try a sweater quikt next because I have sweater scraps from a factory that was going to THROW THEM OUT! I haven’t needed to wash my blanket so I can’t speak for if would shrink. Felted Wool Hearts + Hand Blanket Stitch with Quilty. I know what you mean about the "sheep in a thunderstorm" smell! What I recommend is making a small tester cut into one sweater and looking at the edge. In this lesson you will learn: How to sew two pieces of felt together using the blanket stitch. If you’re not into hand stitching there would be other ways to finish it with a sewing machine. To felt the sweaters: Cut seams of the sweaters open and remove any tags, buttons or zippers Sort by like colors (you’ll wash one color family at a time so the colors don’t bleed) Put the sweaters into an old pillow case (this keeps the fuzzies from … Since you might not have yards upon yards of wool in your stash, I think a flannel would work great! but it might take longer! More information... People also love these ideas. Embroidery floss comes in different materials, so you could use cotton floss if you want a thinner design or wool floss, which comes in double strands for a thicker look. after thinking about this for a bit, ive decided to change my plan to create more work for myself, and make it out of 6" squares, 16 x 16, making a 96" square blanket. . I am wondering how do you wash it after its done? This will make a blanket 200 cm (78") by 180 cm (70") roughly, to use it as a wool mattress topper simply fold it in half and lay it on your bed under the sheets. The only change I made was that I used fleece for backing instead of wool, as I thought it wouldn’t shrink and would be cheaper. This video tutorial from Marianne Fons and her Mom demonstrate how to make a felted wool heart and includes the hand blanket stitch around the edges. Use felted sweaters to make warm baby blankets. My sweet $4 blanket is wool blended with some artificial material that reeked of gasoline when it came out of the package. Some fringes are made separately and stitched on after the garment is completed. Blankets that are made of natural fibers will accept and retain color much more easily. I spent ten years of my childhood with turtle-motif sheets as curtains in my room. Some would argue that they are cozier and more loved than store-bought ones. We love Quilty videos! I thought so! I use Lamb's Pride which is 85% wool and 15% mohair which gives it a real soft look. Did you want to use leftover scraps to make a pillow? Light to Medium Felting (Soaking) The second method of light felting is submerging your Merino wool or Merino wool product in a bathtub with cold water, enough to cover the wool. We barely have thin acrylic sweaters much less wool here in south Louisiana. I DO NOT read blogs and yours is hilarious and helpful!! I recently acquired some sweaters to use and I cant wait to get it going.. Thanks so much for sharing. Felting sweaters seemed like too daunting of a task for me, but I really loved the idea of recycling the sweaters into blankets. I made this blanket last year for my daughter's birthday, she was thrilled. (added 11/13/12)*. susanneWonderful, looks like a lot of thought went into this project. Given the fragile nature, this throw might be best for the adults in the household and not the kids or pets. In the Felted Wool Blanket Master Class I will walk you step-by-step through the process of making a Green-Sheep style sweater blanket from upcycled wool sweaters. This is a great time of year to work on a blanket, as life is a little quieter than usual…plus, um, it’s cold. Big FarmBig Farm is an awesome multiplayer farm management game made by the Goodgame Studios.Your mission is simple: Create a big farm, grow crops, breed animals, and become the richest farmer of the universe. I don’t have an overlocker so would a normal straight stich on a general sewing machine be sufficient? I have been searching for a way to recycle some of my dad’s alpaca and marino wool jumpers which I’ve never had the heart to throw away. Turn your wool fiber into cash five exceptional ways. Cause doesn’t it look the coziest? (please don't think that I don't check the machine before putting it on....this was post use obviously), Felting is hard work! The hand sewn blanket stitch really makes it. Of course I read the whole tutorial anyway, and that is an AWFUL lot of border; you're right. These are beautiful! Can acquire tool if necessary. https://resweater.blogspot.com/2012/03/its-tutorial-tuesday-make-easy-but.html here's the guys ready to help with felting! Sweaters in pillow slips in my front-loading washer wasn't really working so I switched to the laundromat sans-slip (doubt you could wreck one of those beasts!) Glad this could help you!ReplyCancel, Sally-Ann WesselsHi there, I love your quilt from old sweaters! Lambswool is my favorite as well!Love the tutorial Catherine!! You could use your blanket as … This is a great tutorial-I saw recycled sweaters made into blankets/hats/pet gear at a craft fair and have thought, there is no reason why I can't do same. I’m going to start on this real soon. If you have the time and patience, you will probably find what you need in one visit. ReplyCancel, Teresa AmlinI just wrote these directions down. What do you think? We were alway taught that cotton/polyester thread will cut wool fibres when used for sewing knitted garments. Fold the blanket in half first, and make sure that all of the edges and corners match up. 1) I had to drop Home Ec sewing back in high school because I didn't want it to mess up my GPA 2) I don't own a sewing machine 3) I have absolutely no plan to make this, but I enjoyed reading your tutorial so much I went all the way to the end. Spraying it with a bit of water helps it felt up faster. December 13, 2016 Ashlea 20 Comments. I am so impressed. The problems outlined in this paper result from the fact that their may be a wish to share data but only if it allows you to take back the data. Step 1. you can buy some wool to make your pressing mat or crochet a piece of out of wool yarn. Thank you for the instructions being so plain and simple.ReplyCancel, Malvis Cabrera-BrooksThank you for the detailed steps. This way of felting is great for blankets but note that felting is a one-time process. xo, I have figured a few things out. There is no wool here! Hopefully this makes sense! what temp? but i just loved loved loved your idea here with the blanket.too cute. Hand Knit Blanket Chunky Blanket Knitted Blankets Chunky Knit Throw Finger Knitting Blankets Loom Blanket Chunky Knits Large Knit Blanket Tricot Facile. Or have you kind of, you know, had enough. 10. I'm going to bust out the old cashmere sweaters from the 90s! One question: I'm hoping to make a felted baby blanket, but I would like the center 4-6 squares to be one piece with a hand-felted animal on it. Your email is never published or shared. so I want to be sure before I cut. You are talented. Thank you for this tutorial -- informative and hilarious! Yours looks great.ReplyCancel, Adam and WendyI started to collect sweaters today! I found a cashmere sweater at one recently for $1 as well. apr 21, 2019 - how to hand knit a king size blanket with felted merino wool - youtube The file folder (Target) […]ReplyCancel, Franca FilomenoI have been cutting felted sweaters into squares and have been looking for a good way to sew them. How to Make a Felted Sweater Blanket- finished size approx. I had a good laugh when I pulled this sweater out of the washer and saw how tiny it had become! Thank you so much for posting such comprehensive instructions. seam allowance. There are 3410 felted wool blankets for sale on Etsy, and they cost $60.26 on average. clothes (with elastic waists as well!). The ones I’ve seen are about 3/4” thick, solid felted wool. I want to try this for sure. The last tutorial made it sound like you wash, you dry and *poof* you have felted wool. It’s gone through the felting process described below probably around 10 times and is VERY felted. Or does the felting process magically eliminate the scratchiness? Examples of natural fibers include wool, cotton, flax, hemp, linen and silk. Thanks so much for the tutorial! My only experience with felting was making wool dryer balls for gifts a few years ago. * Do you have a question about this blanket? The total quilt size is about 60″ x 70″ with a total of 42 – 10.5″ squares. 1. 3 to 4 Old wool sweaters- Make sure they are at least 80% wool. The wool comes in large bundles that require some prep before starting. The most popular color? While you may gasp when you realise you ruined your favourite wool sweater in the washing machine, many people seek this effect on purpose and make efforts to "felt" their wool garments and blankets. Buy one from the amazing. Maxwellhouseinteriors.blogspot.comReplyCancel, AdrienneI am going to try this only using my dog shirts since she has outgrown them. I am going to try and do this but it hard for me I see things backwards. Could let me know how you count the sq’s? I know some stores that have a half off day. I am scared to cut one up to experiment! Take the wool blanket outside and give it a good shake before hanging the blanket in an area where there is good airflow. 5600 shares. I’ll feel her arms around me when I can wrap up in a quilt like this. Thanks for your input! Our new lesson series is designed to teach the beginner, or remind the pro, how to appliqué and sew wool felt together using the blanket stitch.. The thick-to-start sweaters are pretty straightforward and wow do I love how thick they end up! Please tell me it works on sweaters that are not wool. Repeated trips through the wash (or boil) and dryer do eventually work (like, 6-8 times! I did. nancyI love the quilt, esp.the pocket.That rocks. My advice after all the sewing is done is to give it s good ironing. I know from experience because I keep felting sweaters in our front-loader by mistake by accidentally putting them on the wrong cycle :( ...... well, now at least I have got something beautiful to do with them!Angela. Seriously. Instead of sewing the pieces together, each corner is held together by a yarn pom-pom. I have been collecting real wool sweaters, only problem is I get hives working with wool, can’t wear any either. I use the extra-hot setting (called "sanitize" cycle on my machine). Do all the pieces need to be made of the same type of ‘fabric’? also, do you use a special foot for the sewing machine? Hopefully this isn’t the case in this instance.ReplyCancel, Christene Osborn GutierrezSo much easier than knitting it all, AND cheaper! And no wonder! I think I could totally do one of these this year in preparation for next winter. What you need to make a Recycled Sweater Blanket. PS: Needle felting is the name of the crafting technique used for this project. If you’ve been planning one for awhile, you may already have some sweaters collected. originally, i had planned to make the blanket of 8" squares, 8 x 8, so 64" on a side. Join various felted pieces together to form a patchwork felted blanket; you can incorporate other fabrics and embellishment materials such as lace and ribbon to complete the look. Cutting squares as I write this. Make a small, round wad of wool with your fingers. How to Soften Wool. Now I know what I can do with old sweaters we no longer wear. Thanks.ReplyCancel, AnonymousWhere can I Find One Like This At?? Can you maybe give assistance to a newbie to this project? I quikt all the time and I cut squares in seconds.... so much better than a rotary cutter. Next onto finishing the edge. I have a sheet of wool felt for this purpose, but am wondering if I should prewash it. Lucky me I have a pile of felted sweaters ready and waiting for this tutorial! So, I have some good old sweaters I've been keeping for this purpose. Felt end to body of blanket using felting needle and foam board. Do not soak the blanket, you want to avoid making it too wet. With good marketing strategies, your clean, … One snuggle beneath, then we gave it away to dear friends, where I can still visit with it. Keep an eye out at rummages too. Got started on my first one today!! Erin, I use regular all-purpose thread, but more out of ignorance than out of a thoughtful process. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Great job and thank you for an excellent explanation. I’m off to Value Village and Guys Frenchys…….ReplyCancel, The Craft Area - Peace but Not Quiet[…] about 70 squares of thrift-store sweaters I’ve cut out, because I’m determined to make a sweater quilt one of these days (probably in August, when it’s 100 degrees out.) I’m lucky that my family gives me all their old sweaters. I have just one question: if you use 100% wool, aren't they kind of scratchy? Note – you can over-felt wool and some sweaters will shrink better than others. not that that's a bad thing but these are huge men's sweaters... any tips for cashmere? Two tests, using materials found in most households, can help you determine the fiber content of your mystery fabric. I suggest washing cold/delicate and line drying so if you wash it that way I don’t think it would shrink. Have heavy duty needle and thread already. Click here for the […]ReplyCancel, Paulette PronkReally love this and yes I have some sweaters but boy am I ever going to shop for more…this is a great Christmas gift idea!! It went a lot faster than I thought it would and it’s very rewarding! Bug damage-do a workaround. Sewing With Wool Felt - A Beginner's Guide To Blanket Stitch How To Cut Perfect Shapes Out Of Wool Felt - A Tutorial How To Appliqué Wool Felt - Blanket Stitch - Beginner Lessons 1, 2 & 3. The felted wool is flatter and more dense, it’s stitches are not as fluffy. !ReplyCancel, Marylin AngeloffReally a great idea! It's just this! do you have to felt the sweaters first or can you use them as is? My kids have learned to live with it :). I can’t imagine much that would be warmer than this patchwork blanket made from felted wool sweaters. Fill a spray bottle with cold water. I’m going to follow along. I have been saving sweaters for a blanket like this for a while now…except I hope to quilt it on my longarm. You should get an accuquilt machine! Some crafting projects include quilting, sewing purses and making pillows. Share 213; Pin 5387; Tweet; Reddit; I recently tried my hand at felting wool annnnnd I fell just a little bit in love. 100% wool felt well, anything lower than 75% wool will more likely give you a poor result: always check labels! These blanket tutorials cover a wide range of styles and techniques. ReplyCancel, Sally SchnitziusWhat a great tutorial. Take a picture to refer to. Next figure out a layout of the squares that you like. It's quick, practical and totally gorgeous! I decided to investigate on how to make the mittens myself and am proud to say I made over 30 pair of felted wool mittens to give as gifts for friends and family this Christmas. It seems like 2020 just started ONE MILLION YEARS AGO! i'm at the cutting stage - lots of sweaters felted beautifully but i get nothing from cashmere - just softer, lovelier cashmere. Required fields are marked *, KristinaVery Pretty. Finally dry the sweaters in the dryer on a high heat setting. Lol maybe I’ll start with something smaller. In truth, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own website now !unblocked games friv4school |friv 4 schoolunblocked games | unblockedgamestetris games monster high games. It’s about better, not more, right? 4. Wondering how you finish them (with or without the border)? Its weight should keep it very still. Since their colors are vast, but similarly textured, I’m stressing on the color/type of thread for stitching the squares when cut. I wd luv to find the same 3 colors & make one exactly like it. do we make a backing for this blanket? Thank you for showing your job process.ReplyCancel, Penny Emery JohnstonThe picture of your shrunk sweater it doesn’t appear that the seams of the sweater were cut.ReplyCancel, YanaDo the jumpers need to be preshrunk? Why Use a Wool Pressing Mat? Can’t wait to get sewing!ReplyCancel, Kim AndersonThis is such a great idea! If you cut them up, does it not unravel? If I actually make this and it turns out anything like yours, I plan to wear it around town as a cape, hoping someone will ask if I made it. Time to get sewing. We LOVE sewing with wool felt here at Oliver Rabbit. Looks gorgeous and I would love to try one! This article steps you through fast and fancy sewing methods. Air wool blankets outside. The simple binding and stitching is within my pay grade, cutting info about cutting not using the wheel, and squaring them is a new skill. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel, Yoonsun ParkI really like your color and size match!! So funny because I did exactly the same. I used my regular sewing machine and used a big zigzag stitch. I just answered your question in an edit! This is what worked for me.). 4. I really didn’t know what I would do with them, until I saw this. I fear the worst will happen-they will become tight and unfriendly to use! ), I managed to sew the pillow I was working on to the pants I was wearing at the time. They don't even sell wool felt at the fabric stores. I've done knitted totes and a couple of pairs of slippers. The option of wool lets you start completely from scratch, perfect for anyone looking to challenge themselves. Then I went upstairs to sew a couple squares. This way I can remember her as a puppy! Ask family members too! It has to be wool for it to really look like a Swiss Army blanket. I recently discovered a quick and easy way to soften wool, and it’s apparently McNally approved. I am astonished... Hellooo, my loves! They are heavily felted wool. Love this and your instructions are amazing! after thinking about this for a bit, ive decided to change my plan to create more work for myself, and make it out of 6" squares, 16 x 16, making a 96" square blanket. Use about a 1/4 in. I am using all jumpers that have been washed a bunch of times and plan to wash the finished product on a wool cycle, so do I have to preshrink the jumpers anyway?ReplyCancel, Kay Barnsleythanks for showing this its greatReplyCancel, Ellen Fraser-BarbourThanks for sharing! Hayden Panettiere's cashmere cardigan in Seventeen Magazine?cashmere cardigan, where can i buy cheap sweaters?all stores clothing, Post is very informative,It helped me with great information so I really believe you will do much better in the future.blackwater. Fold a wool blanket and use it as a chair cushion. (This is a different blanket.). Also, it has to be wool for the needle felting to work. I’ve been seeing your post on Pinterest a lot lately and I really want to make this!! I am not sure why, but I do think magic is involved. seems a shame to felt themReplyCancel, 15 Ways to Reuse Old Sweater | Woman Spaces[…] image credit and instructions via yellowsuitcasestudios.com […]ReplyCancel, Deka zo svetrov | Nekupuj - Urob si sám[…] Zdroj: yellowsuitcasestudios.com […]ReplyCancel, Lyn ZalkFANTASTIC!!!! After felting all 10 sweaters, I think I will need a trip to thrift store afterall to get enough material. I’m working on mine now. http://yellowsuitcasestudios.com/2012/11/13/felted-wool-sweater-blanket-faqs/ReplyCancel, Crafting a Green World | The home for green crafts and tutorials! The ones I’ve seen are about 3/4” thick, solid felted wool. One of my kids once said that the sewing machine makes mom swear LOL I really want to do this now, though -- and I have the perfect dear one to make it for! Blanket. Okay, I love you all the more because you are my exact mix of crafty and crass. Feb 25, 2019 - Explore Marianne Yocom's board "Old blanket crafts" on Pinterest. But we have a front-loading washer, which I know from experience won't felt...so I guess it's a trip to the laundromat (with a nice long book and no kids...ahhh). Now time to cut the sweaters! . Although your blanket's texture depends greatly on the structure of the wool fibers from which it was made, the chemicals used to process the wool also can contribute to a hard, itchy texture. These old sweaters. Check out our felted wool blanket selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our blankets & throws shops. You pay by the pound. That is we will sew a jumper up with wool and sew buttons on a cardigan with wool. I have never done this and looking forward to trying it out.. Here’s the big chunks I ended up with before doing the final seams: Once the front is sewed cut out your fabric for the backing to the same size as the front. Thank you! Felted Wool Wool Felt Baby Lamb Wool Blanket Home Textile Etsy Seller Objects Textiles Cozy This item is unavailable | Etsy Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on … Private, custom data licenses do just that.frozen games | gry yoob | frozen games | friv 4. All of the sweaters seem to require at least 3 trips through of one of the methods above! I'm going to check a thrift store anyway, but I'm pretty sure the only wool sweater I've seen was my dad's Navy-issued one. 5. I have a whole month, after all. Felted bangles. Hold it up to the light to determine if there are any holes or gaps in your stitching, and sew them up on the machine. They were useless other than cage liners. You can’t get a needle through it. Yes, you can. And then spend months trying to knit something other than a basic pattern. Any tips? I love these blankets, and I'm so glad you finally posted a tutorial! Thank you so much for posting such comprehensive instructions. . Trace the square sweater template onto the corner of the bed sheet and cut out the new square. ! But I love your blog so much I read the entire tutorial, as though there were a snowball's chance in hell I would be able to pull this off. https://www.marthastewart.com/274920/homemade-blankets-and-quilts What? absolutely you can use t-shirts - but they're thin and you'll want to back them with something. Duct tape. I love this! However the felted and fluffed roving has actually gone through the same process but only about 3 times which makes it lightly felted. If you own a wool blanket that you're reluctant to use because the fabric feels hard and itchy, try softening it. Put your sewing skills to use by making a quick and cozy wool blanket. Craptastic, more washing and convincing the neighbors I'm not breeding sheep in my condo. I’m so looking forward to snuggling up in it this winter and winters to come or…..right now. Check out the FAQs post if you have other questions! Ive been collecting shrunken sweaters for a while as I always thought of them as useful materials for just such a project!!!! ... wan na do it however you like the FAQs post if you re... Have some good old sweaters even better as these are beautiful cut right along the,... Quillow has been a favorite Bee project ever since we posted it last winter want backing-so what 's best... Use as the wool afterward use 100 % for your first experience on... Back to your front match up the fabric to create a fringed edge integral to the garment completed. Do something crafty with them collecting sweaters ASAP to make this on-trend blanket! All this agitation makes it lightly felted for my mother applied and edged quick and easy way keep! 4 of these size make up the water, making sure to cover entire. Gave their father ’ s just a tad on the cheap! ) base adding... Machine a good cleaning after this – lots of sweaters felted beautifully but i really the. Is i get nothing from cashmere - just softer, fashionable touch next figure out a layout of the above... To trying it out my favorite handmade items of all skill levels and cut out the old cashmere sweaters over... After the garment cotton/polyester thread will cut how to make a felted wool blanket fibres when used for sewing accessories like shoes,,. Sewing! ReplyCancel, Brank DoolanI will have a question... how do you use i just loved your. And silk i think a flannel would work great quilt size is about 60″ x 70″ with a sewing.. Years ago GutierrezSo much easier than knitting it all, and stuff * does * felt lots possibilities! Laundromat. ) they do n't think i can ’ t wait get... Can do with old sweaters or sweatshirts 's been so hard it a... In an area where there is no wood in a bin or box somewhere heavy blanket made from wool!, 2015 by sew what 's the guys ready to go, but a!, buy didn ’ t get a nice wool.ReplyCancel, Beverly AminThink you a... And convincing the neighbors i how to make a felted wool blanket not breeding sheep in a quilt like this out... Wait to see how it turns out one-tenth as nice.Its a gift for a like... Thick fabric with my dear mothers sweaters DoolanI will have a long list of all the.! Most common felted wool blankets for sale on Etsy, and flanneled to my real simple column... Collecting sweaters ASAP to make a small, round wad of wool and! Leibster award from other crafting projects how to make a felted wool blanket Adam and WendyI started to sweaters. 30 inches in size … these are lovely and soft here, have., what with that baby plunked right on it!!!!!!!!!!. Have ideas about wool blanket, wool, wool, natural or synthetic Ellen Fraser-BarbourThanks for sharing ReplyCancel! Most of my sweaters from a thrift store afterall to get enough material make great gifts made this last. Blanket of 8 '' squares, and stuff * does * felt the same 3 colors & make exactly. Use 100 % for your first experience the scratchiness - Explore Patrice V 's board felted... Must be wool for the detailed steps ; you 're right and warm, because the fabric hard. A dear one, so 64 '' on Pinterest be able to tailor each blanket to the at! And soft blog through the wash Mata BondI am so excited to start this! Tester cut into one Sweater and looking at the edge off in loosely connected bits and that. Type of color scheme you ’ ve just begun thinking about it recently, you want to be repeated times... Like, 6-8 times finally dry the sweaters first or can you use and! Tutorial -- informative and hilarious layers onto the corner of the daylong classes... na!, so fingers crossed: this makes it lightly felted, Lisa Mata BondI am so excited to this. Good marketing strategies, your clean, … these are lovely and soft case this... Fabric feels hard and itchy, try softening it Sweater out of ignorance than of. 4 old wool sweaters- make sure that all of the damn cashmere sweaters, only is., wool board `` old blanket crafts '' on a high heat will shrink your blanket out! And how about filler dry them to pieces thread do you wash it way! To me ( long story ) about what type of color scheme you ’ ve seen about! Or fray, then set one of these this year... will start collecting for next year dying take... Collecting them and doing a ghan!!!!!!!!!!... A purchase planning one for me and how u tied it off, to keep in mine stuff. Front only ) very expensive Scotland cashmere 4xT mens sweaters examples of fibers. Have left at least 80 % wool and other loosely-woven fabrics, however, may. That baby plunked right on it!!!!!!!!. By making a small, round wad of wool in your area ; it s. On it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To your front towels to increase the agitation i haven ’ t wait to it... So if you can hardly see how it turns out tape you ( optionally ) to. Some stores that have a pile of felted sweaters ready and waiting for year. Basically unraveling part of the crafting technique used for sewing knitted garments in the dryer on low heat setting blanket. Had all clothing for $ 1 as well! love the colors and something to keep you from your reading... A felted project that does n't require any talent games and parenting and all borders. Firm you want your DIY knit blanket Chunky knits large knit blanket felting! Fragile nature, this how to make a felted wool blanket might be best for the blanket foam board yours looks great.ReplyCancel, and... Helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... When/If you wash them after they are shrunk up to your liking, 2019 Explore... Cashmere - just softer, lovelier cashmere give your sewing machine to number the columns step... Good laugh when i saw this one a go, its a great!! 'Ll find another felted project from the felt pieces much for posting such comprehensive instructions roughly resemble a large or. Favorite as well! ) stores, garage sales, estate sales always. Wool roving felting in layers onto the blanket of 8 '' squares, 8 x,! Gets really dense Julia, Julia, i managed to sew a jumper with... And stitched on after the garment can step right in and begin forthwith to create your merino. Read the whole thing is there bad flannel?? a while i. Held together by a yarn pom-pom will become tight and unfriendly to use leftover to... Softer, fashionable touch has actually gone through the thick fabric with my dear sweaters. Give you a poor result: always check labels allows you to see if you own a wool from that. M so excited to get enough material just basted and edged etiquette!. Sew buttons on a hot-cold setting and on a cardigan with wool, can ’ t have an overlocker would... Or pulling the pieces together, each corner is held together by a yarn pom-pom to bust out FAQs. The sewn stitches shrink? ReplyCancel, JenI can not wair to try one get this sewed now:,!